3 shows. 2 days.

3 shows. 2 days.

Beth & Ducati

It was another busy weekend with the team competing at 3 shows over the 2 days. Everyone really brought their A-game this weekend, with dressage scores as low as we’ve seen them all year. It just goes to show that everyone is working hard and it’s paying off! For the Future and Young Event Horses, we’re pleased to report that everyone is qualified for year-end championships. Now it’s time for Martin to catch up on a little sleep before heading up to Plantation International with Frame Shamrock for his first CCI2*-S!

9/13: CDCTA Horse Trials (Berryville, VA)

  • Martin with Frame Shamrock: 5th in Open Preliminary
  • Martin with Diane Tauber’s Olympus: 1st in Open Training-2
  • Paige Ramsey with former sale horse Emyra V: 13th in Beginner Novice-2
  • Heidi Wardle with Cold Spice: 3rd in Open Novice-3; Reserve Champion TIP (Novice)

Heidi & Spice

9/13: MDHT Future & Young Event Horse (Adamstown, MD)

  • Martin with sale horse BSF Frame Charleston: 3rd in 3-year-old Future Event Horse
  • Joe with sale horse Frame Seahawk: 9th in 5-year-old Young Event Horse
  • Martin with Hannah Ong’s Great Quest: 1st in 3-year-old Future Event Horse; Future Event Horse TIP Champion
  • Martin with Cynthia McNemar’s Lady Leia: 3rd in 2-year-old Future Event Horse
  • Martin with Monica Fiss’ Utah Beach: 1st in Yearling Future Event Horse

9/12-13: MDHT Starter Trials (Adamstown, MD)

  • Matin with Alex Levering’s Frame Countdown: 3rd in Beginner Novice-SatB
  • Dawn Cregger with Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter: 2nd in Beginner Novice-SatB
  • Moriah Orms with Nuance: 3rd in Novice-SatC
  • Beth Zielinski with BSF Ducati 696: 1st in Novice-SatB

Hannah’s Great Quest

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