1/28 TFSH Gymnastics Clinic Schedule

1/28 TFSH Gymnastics Clinic Schedule

1) If you have an issue the day of the clinic, please text Martin (202.710.0030).

2) TRAILER PARKING INSTRUCTION: The farm address is 8555 John S Mosby Hwy; Upperville, VA 20184. Look for the Allison Springer Eventing sign by the driveway. Drive past the indoor and turn left at the end of the barn. Then turn right around the big tree towards the wood storage sheds where there is plenty of room now to do a u-turn. Go back exactly where you came from and park next to the indoor on either the right or left side of the driveway facing the exit.

Time Level Riders
9:00 AM BN Robin B
    Ella G
10:00 AM Novice Faith G
    Cle T
11:00 AM BN Alysha C
    Michelle M
12:00 PM Training + Whitney B
    Silvio P
1:00 PM BN Whitney B
    Michelle M
    Lindsay M
1:00 PM Elementary Angela F
    Susi M
1:00 PM Elementary Lindsay M
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