Our Horses

Bold Mark

Brave, Easy Temperament, Amateurs Dream
2013 | Gelding | 16.3h | Thoroughbred

BSF Coffee’s Surprise “Coffee”

Temperament, Elasticity, Balance
2012 | Gelding | 16.2h | Swedish Warmblood

BSF Ducati

Eye Catching, Barn Favorite, Superior Work Ethic
2014 | Gelding | 16.3hh | Swedish Warmblood

BSF Seahawk

Uphill, Elastic
2015 | Gelding | 16.2h | Swedish Warmblood

BSF Stratford

Uphill, Confident, Big-Moving
2014 | Gelding | 16.1hh | Swedish Warmblood

Frame Caporal d’Oz “Caporal”

Scope, Balance, Technique
2012 | Gelding | 16.3h | Selle francais

Frame Gandalf

Confidence, Ability, Quality
2013 | Gelding | 17.2h | Hanoverian

Frame Loriot 371 “Loriot”

Expression, Rhythm, Movement
2012 | Gelding | 16.3h | Hanoverian

Pure Biz

Athletic, Handsome, Scopey
2012 | Gelding | 16.2h | Thoroughbred

With the American equestrian culture in mind, we handpick young, talented horses with excellent temperaments from sport horse breeders across Europe, then bring them to the United States to prepare for a life of competition through The Frame’s training program. Our program builds a foundation upon which horses establish the fundamentals of reliability and success. Our clear and consistent framework builds confidence, awareness and understanding in each horse.

We additionally work with our clients’ horses, welcoming them into The Frame’s training program. We reinforce self-confidence, manners, and a healthy work ethic in our horses. We allow them to make mistakes, then consistently encourage them to build successes to develop their own judgement. When you join The Frame, we build a relationship with your horse by riding them ourselves and observing them carefully.

At The Frame, we recognize the intense investment that you put into your horse. We respect both your time and your financial commitment, so we seek always to be honest and fair. Matching the riding style, cost, and character of a horse to your needs is paramount to which horses we sell.  We want The Frame to be synonymous with respect for horses, passion for the sport, a lifelong pursuit of growth, and trust with you.


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