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Abler Gastric Ulcer Treatment

Quality products at a fraction of the price. We use Abler’s AbPrazole in the barn to prevent and treat ulcers (which are extremely common among all stabled/performance horses.) We love that it comes in granule, tablet or paste form, so there’s something to suit all horses. Find it online at www.abler.com and don’t forget to create an account to earn Abler Points with every order!


Banixx is the pet supplies company that has proven itself to be the #1 choice of horse and pet owners as a fast-acting, affordable aid in the recovery of every kind of bacterial and fungal infection. Acclaimed as a ‘Product of the Year’ by the notable Horse Journal because: “It does what it claims to do”, “results are clearly superior” and “what our testers have found they simply wouldn’t be without again”. Try our pet remedies for yourself and see why thousands of customers love Banixx!

Champion Equestrian

We take safety very seriously at The Frame Sport Horses, especially as we spend much of our days with up and coming young horses. Handmade in Britain, Champion Equestrian products have been a driving force in design and development of protective headgear and safety vests for over 40 years. From MIPS technology Skull Caps to Titanium Body Protectors, Champion’s reputation is built on top of the line safety & technology. Find your local retailer at www.toklat.com or shop online and get 15% off + free shipping by using the code MDOUZANT15.

Cox Veterinary Lab

New to The Frame family of sponsors in 2021, we first tried Cox Vet Lab on the recommendation of a friend and haven’t looked back. Their range of joint and hoof supplements including Acti-Flex, Perk-A-Lyte and Perk-A-Hoof, Barehoofin’ and Hoof Secret are effective and economical, and work quickly to show results. They offer a great loyalty/rewards program too, with most products being buy 4 get 1 free! Find them at www.coxvetlab.com.

Custom Saddlery

Leading through innovation and service. With endless possibilities, Custom Saddlery will create the saddle you and your horse deserve! Find a fitter and pick your leather, piping and embellishments at www.mysaddle.com. Keep it classic, like Martin’s Wolfgang Solo dressage saddle with a single flap, your choice of long/short knee roll and deeply supportive seat; or bling it up with color and texture! Reach out to Custom’s saddle fitter in Virginia, Josh Shoemaker, at josh@mysaddle.com or 336-244-5767 to get the ball rolling.


Since 1985, Devoucoux has been dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider. Innovation pairs with technology and craftsmanship, pushing constant evolution and investment so as to remain leaders in the field. Martin and Joe ride in Devoucoux Biarritz Lab jumping saddles with customized GT panels, which incorporate extra shock absorption and flexibility to adapt to the needs and shape of each particular horse. A slender twist gives greater precision and contact as well as balance in these saddles. Find their saddles and tack (as well as local retailers) at www.devoucoux.com and reach out to our rep Martha Hill at m.hill@devoucoux.com for information.

Equestly Equestrian Apparel

A woman owned Equestrian apparel and accessories brand focused on bringing all riders and their horses affordable and fashionable products. Ride in Lux™ for a difference you can feel. Breathable, 4-way stretch, modern fit, and full-seat GripTEQ silicone. Performance Wear. Premium Comfort. Find them at www.equestly.co.

EQyss Grooming Products

Founded in 1991, EQyss Grooming Products are the favorite of everyone we know. Using scientifically superior formulations, ingredients and manufacturing products, EQyss’ lineup includes products for dogs/cats and horses (Micro-Tec Soothing Shampoo, Avocado Mist or Canadian Marigold Coat Conditioners, Mega-Tek Mane/Tail & Hoof Rebuilder, Flea-Bite Flea and Tick Repellent ) as well as specialty products for the farm & barn (Barn Barrier Citronella-free Fly & Mosquito Repellent and Crib-Guard Anti-Chew/Crib Gel or Spray). If you’ve not tried them, reach out to us for a sample or a discount code — you won’t be disappointed! Find them at www.eqyss.com.

Nutrena Feeds

Established 100 years ago, Nutrena has evolved and innovated to become leaders with global expertise in animal nutrition worldwide. Meeting the needs of horses, dogs & cats, and livestock of all kinds, Nutrena horse feeds in particular are developed to provide the perfect blend of nutrition and energy to our horses no matter what they do. Our Nutrena Feeds come from Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds and include Tri-County Hi-Fybe Plus (a Nutrena Feed) and Nutrena Empower Topline Balance for peak performance.

Roeckl Riding Gloves

With over 175 years of experience in glove making, Roeckl has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that their riding gloves fit like a second skin and provide the effective grip and tactility needed for handling the reins. Combining an exact fit, comfort, innovative design, and technical materials, Roeckl Gloves balance grip and feeling for gentle cues and precise communication between horse and rider.

Toklat Originals

Toklat manufactures and distributes some of the most popular branded equestrian products, including our favorites Champion Equestrian and Woof Wear. Started in 1976 with the purchase of Toklat Originals, Toklat now consults with leading experts and designers to service both the English and Western communities. Proud supporters of local & small business, Toklat encourages you to find your local retailer at www.toklat.com, or shop online using referral code MDOUZANT15 for 15% off and free shipping.

  • I bought my horse, Chris’s Symphony from Tebogo Sport Horses when Martin was working there for Patricia Vos. Martin was great- very professional and honest about the horses he showed me.

    Margaret Nash

       Horse Owner

  • The jump chute clinic was super fun and instructive. I look forward to bringing my horse again and thought the experience was wonderful for both of us!

    Cynthia Heidt

       Clinic Participant

  • Silvio Pappalardo

    My riding has gone from finishing Horse Trials at the bottom of the pack at BN, to averaging in the top third, in the ribbons and safely moving up to Training within two years of just riding on the weekends. To put this in perspective, I started riding at 40 and don’t have the equestrian foundation most adult riders do. Martin’s keen eye and ability to coach rider to the horse is excellent. Compounded with Ashley’s finishing touches both on and off the horse and you have a recipe for success and achieving your goals.

    Silvio Pappalardo

       Horse Owner & Training Client

  • Martin is fantastic! I brought my 4-year-old Friedman sport horse, Glory, to him to be backed and trained under saddle. Prior to my buying her 9 months earlier she was never socialized and hadn’t been handled much, so I was a little apprehensive as to how the next step of her training would go. Martin was outstanding with her and she quickly progressed from round pen to ring to hacking out within a week. He explained his process step by step to me and what it would teach her. He would arrange her training sessions around my schedule when I was able to come which I really appreciated. In addition to his stellar training process, Martin is just a genuinely kind, good person who is very welcoming and took exceptional care of Glory while she was there. Glory has been home several weeks and has been a dream in the ring and out on the trail. I couldn’t have asked for a better training experience or result.

    Maggie Graham

       Horse Owner

  • David and Patricia Vos

    Years ago when seeking help with our OTTB retraining and sales business we were fortunate enough to have Martin apply. It took all of five minutes watching him ride one of our sensitive prospects to know how fortunate we were to have him join us. When Martin formed The Frame we were one of their first clients – and to this day when we need training assistance with one of our young horses we turn to Martin. His excellent horsemanship, exemplary program, and diligent work ethic are superb, not to mention he somehow manages to be both incredibly professional and tons of fun. Working with him is consistently productive and delightful.

    David and Patricia Vos


  • I’ve known Martin for several years and have been impressed with his knowledge and hard work he puts into the horses. I’ve had Martin help me break and train a couple of your horses and it was a very rewarding experience.

    Mary Ann Ghadban

       Training Client

  • I worked for Martin as a groom for a very short time, about 2 years ago.  Martin was fantastic to work with.  Martin is very talented and really knows how to pull the best qualities out of his horses.  I had a fantastic time working with him.  He genuinely cared when he asked about your opinions and thoughts about certain situations.  He was also a patient and kind trainer.  He treated all the horses as if they were is own. I still follow The Frame on Facebook and enjoy seeing the success that Martin is having.

    Allison Guidry

       Training Client

  • Martin is a great horse person. Martin started both of my young horses from the ground up and they came back to me well educated, confident and safe to ride. Martin is an excellent trainer and rider and I would be happy to have him on any of my horses. He is also an honest, forthright business person that I trust to represent horses accurately.

    Paige Cade

       Training Client

  • Martin is very professional and easy to work with.  Very accessible for questions and responds quickly.  They are quality trainers that have quality horses.  I have the highest regards for Martin.

    Catherine Rochester

       Training Client

  • We recently purchased a young horse from The Frame Sport Horses and what a truly wonderful experience it was! When looking to purchase a horse, there is the potential for it to be a stressful experience – a hard-pressure sell, uncertainty about the horse’s background and experience. Yet every time we looked at one of Martin’s horses, my family and I remarked on what a relaxed and enjoyable experience it was.  Never once did we feel pressured or rushed in the slightest. Our trainer and vet both found him to be extremely knowledgeable and a true delight to work with as well.  It was apparent he has a great deal of integrity and there was never a doubt that his ultimate desire was not to simply sell a horse, but rather to ensure we found the best fit for our daughter. The horse we purchased, which is one Martin hand-picked, is an absolute pleasure to have in our barn and truly exceeds our expectations. We would refer fellow equestrians to The Frame Sport Horses again and again!

    Ann Martin

       Horse Owner

  • I had a very difficult big young horse, who had thrown a few trainers.  I searched the local area and found Martin who, without a doubt, had the quietest aids!  I chose him to train my young horse and I have never been disappointed.  He has done an excellent job of taming the beast, who will always be a challenge – but not for Martin. As a rider and trainer, he is talented, patient and remains calm in very difficult situations – unflappable, even at a show with 6 horses to ride back to back.  Martin is a joy to work with, highly skilled as a trainer with a nice sense of humor and a willingness to fit in when schedules change.  I have had horses in training with Martin for over 2 years, he is wonderful and incredibly hard working. My four-year old, who had only been jumping for six weeks with Martin riding him, went to Upperville this year and received the reserve champion for the 4-5yr old division.  Having worked in the Virginia horse industry for 30 years, I consider him one of the best trainers.

    Georgina Price-Spencer

       Horse Owner & Training Client

  • Kate Simmeth

    Martin has done just a super job preparing my Training Level event horse for sale.  His attention to detail and focus on the horse’s individual needs is outstanding and backed up by a wealth of education and experience.  Martin’s ride is always calm and focused, he has a plan and a program for each horse that is a classical progression which builds the strength, understanding, confidence and knowledge the horse needs to succeed.  I am most impressed!!

    Kate Simmeth

       Horse Owner

  • Melanie Voght

    Martin Douzant is an excellent trainer, he truly considers the horse and at the same time makes the horse rideable for the owner.

    Melanie Voght

       Training Client

  • Amy Potter

    Martin is a top notch trainer with a strength in bringing along horses and riders correctly with a solid foundation. He’s patient and kind to both horse and rider, extremely knowledgeable, and offers high quality care to his boarders. He’s both a great rider and teacher with good communication skills. It’s a lighthearted atmosphere with serious horsemanship–best combo!

    Amy Potter

       Horse Owner

  • Silvio Pappalardo

    I brought my 5-year-old OTTB to The Frame Sport Horses in early 2015 and watched as Martin transformed him into a 2-time American Eventing Championship qualifier with finishes at 12th and 20th (only due to my rider errors). Oddly enough, it was Martin who had re purposed my OTTB at another facility.  Martin’s system, patience, skills and innate horsemanship are the pillars of The Frame’s excellent program.

    Silvio Pappalardo

       Horse Owner & Training Client

  • Beth Zeilinski

    Finding Martin has been a turning point in my riding career. As an adult rider moving to a new area, I found it hard to find a program that suited both my horse and me. I had lost confidence and felt out of the game. A few months training with The Frame got me back into the show ring and completing my first recognized event! Martin excels both at flatwork and jumping exercises. My mare can be sensitive, and he was quick to figure her out and come up with a program that suited both her and my needs. He understands the importance of establishing a solid foundation and has the skills necessary to work with both horses and riders to make it happen.

    Beth Zeilinski

       Training Client

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