Another great weekend for TFSH!

Another great weekend for TFSH!

First and foremost, hearty congratulations to our #TFSHalum Frame Countdown and his owner Alex Levering for their spectacular win in Beginner Novice at the Marlborough Starter Horse Trials. 🌟

But the excitement didn’t stop there! The TFSH crew was hard at work this past weekend at the Piedmont Jumper Classic, and they absolutely crushed it.

A special shoutout to Joe for his top finishes with Allora NBF, owned by Cindy Spooner, and his impressive victory in the 0.80m Schooling Jumpers with Calou de l’Ange, owned by Valerie Lee. Joe also claimed second place in the 0.65-0.75m Schooling Jumpers with Gladiator, owned by Rice Show Stables, and achieved more top finishes in the 0.65-0.75m Schooling Jumpers with Valiant, owned by Mandy Phillips.

Martin also made his mark with outstanding performances in the 1.0m Take 2 Thoroughbred Classic Jumpers with Frame Severine, finishing in the top ribbons in each class!

Lastly, let’s give it up for Jeri, who notched up multiple wins with sale horse Le Goff in the 1.0m Young Jumpers.

We’re incredibly proud of our team’s dedication and success!

9/30-10/1: Old Tavern Horse Trials (The Plains, VA) 

  • Silvio Pappalardo with Pure Biz: 7th in Sr. Novice Rider 

9/30: Marlborough Starter Horse Trials (Upper Marlboro, MD) 

  • Alex Levering with TFSH graduate Frame Countdown: 1st in Beginner Novice 

9/28 – 10/1: Piemont Jumper Classic (Middleburg, VA) 

  • Joe DeSantis of The Frame Sport Horses with …
    • Allora NBF (owned by Cindy Spooner): 2nd, 4th, 4th & 5th in 1.0m Young Jumpers 4/5-year-olds  
    • Balou de l’Ange (owned by Valerie Lee): 1st in 0.80m Schooling Jumpers + 5th & 8th in 0.90m Schooling Jumpers  
    • Gladiator (owned by Rice Show Stables): 2nd in 0.65m-0.75m Schooling Jumpers  
    • Valiant (owned by Mandy Phillips): 3rd & 4th in 0.65m-0.75m Schooling Jumpers  
  • Martin Douzant of The Frame Sport Horses with Frame Severine (owned by TFSH): 4th, 4th & 6th in 1.0m Take2 Thoroughbred Classic Jumpers 
  • Lindsey Morris with Populist Tap RVF: 7th in 0.65m-0.75m Schooling Jumpers 
  • Jeri Ryan of The Frame Sport Horses with Le Goff (for sale!): 1st & 6th in 1.0m Young Jumpers 4/5-year-olds + 1st in 1.0m Young Jumpers + 8th in 1.10m Open Jumpers 
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