Congratulations Jeannie on the purchase of Lightfoot

Congratulations Jeannie on the purchase of Lightfoot

Remember Cairo (Lightfoot)? He’s been with his lovely new person for almost a week now, and they are doing so well! This came to us from his new owner, airline pilot Jeannie Coroneos, who rides at Sleipnir Stables in Warrenton, VA.

“Since Thursday, Cairo has been slowly getting used to his new home and getting to know his herd mates. He has befriended a sheep named Ethel 🐏, who is in the adjacent paddock. I rode him briefly yesterday to try out new saddles and today was my first lesson on him. He was such a good boy.

In the second photo, you’ll see that his quarter sheet slipped off one side. This happened right after we landed a jump. He did not spook and he wasn’t rattled by it. I did not even know that it fell off to one side until my trainer told me! He is so good for being five years old. He also doesn’t mind the dogs at the farm.

Cairo and I are definitely starting to get to know each other. It will be baby steps but I know, with lots of work it will be worth it. We’re headed for the jumper ring, eventually hoping to compete in the meter to 1.10m.”

🥰 THANK YOU Jeannie, we can’t wait to follow along as you and Cairo progress on your journey together!!

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