Congratulations to Olivia on the purchase of Silver Ruby

Congratulations to Olivia on the purchase of Silver Ruby

It’s exciting to share the news that Silver Ruby has been purchased by Olivia Ford who rides with Holly Payne Caravella in New Jersey.

Sometimes things just come together and the pieces all just ‘click’. Olivia came out to the farm on a beautiful day in the winter, and the sun came out and Ruby was gleaming, she looked like something out of a movie! They got along so well and I feel very comfortable they will do great things together. It’s no secret I had been dragging my feet on selling her, but when I watched Olivia with her it just felt like the right thing to do. As part of the agreement we also have an embryo transfer to use with our stallion Tuck which will be something to look forward to!

Olivia sent us some photos and video and says “I probably sent him sooo many texts about her… But I was absolutely smiling ear to ear riding her and I haven’t stopped smiling since! She’s really special. She’s settled in nicely and everyone at the barn loves her. Hopefully we’ll work our way up to a 2*.”

Congratulations Olivia and we can’t wait to cheer for you and Ruby out there this summer!

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