Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring Horse Trials

Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring Horse Trials

We’re thrilled to share that our sale horses have been on the move, and they’ve returned with a wagonload of ribbons!

Martin kicked things off at the Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring Horse Trials, where Delta Dawn PVF secured another win in Beginner Novice Horse, adding to her impressive track record this season. The Little Prince also made his mark with a 2nd in Training Horse! He will be listed for sale soon, and has already proven himself an impressive jumper, and a brave event horse.

Meanwhile, Joe and Rice Show Stable’s Gladiator triumphed at the Lexington Spring Encore, claiming victory in the 0.85m Training Jumpers. At St. Christopher’s Horse Show, Balou De L’Ange shined in his rated stakes debut, earning a blue ribbon and prize money in the $500 1.0m Jumper Stakes. Gladiator impressed with a 2nd in the 0.90m jumpers and a 3rd in the $200 0.90m Jumper Stakes.

Congratulations to #TFSHgrad Frame Countdown and Alex Levering for their 1st place finish at the Waredaca Starter Trials!

5/11: Waredaca Starter Event (Laytsonville, MD)

  • Alex Levering with Frame Countdown: 1st in Open Beginner Novice

5/8-12: St. Christopher’s Horse Show @ Swan Lake Stables (Littlestown, PA)

  • Joe DeSantis with …
    • Balou De L’Ange (owned by Valerie Lee): 1st in $500 1.0m Jumper Stakes + 3rd in 0.90m Jumpers + 4th in 1.0m Jumpers
    • Gladiator (owned by Rice Show Stables): 2nd in 0.90m Jumpers + 3rd in $200 0.90m Jumper Stakes

5/1-5: Lexington Spring Encore (Lexington, VA)

  • Joe DeSantis with Gladiator (owned by Rice Show Stables): 1st in 0.85m Training Jumpers

4/27-28: Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring Horse Trials (Leesburg, VA)

  • Martin Douzant of The Frame Sport Horses with …
    • Delta Dawn PVF (for sale!): 1st in Beginner Novice Horse
    • Galactic Frame Z (owned by TFSH): 5th in Beginner Novice Horse
    • Johnny Walker (for sale!): 9th in Open Training
    • The Little Prince (for sale!): 2nd in Training Horse
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