MDHT & CDCTA Results

MDHT & CDCTA Results

What a great weekend we had between the CDCTA Spring HT and MDHT Starter Event! Out of eight horses, five of them were taking part in their very first horse trials and everyone did really well! Danielle Ruderman’s CSS Falathiel (the appaloosa in the feature photo) took 1st in BN-C with Martin at MDHT, and Cody (Nuclear Code, in the video below, owned by Faith Genkinger who will take back the reins now that Cody is back in the swing of things for the season) took 1st in ON-1 and was TIP Novice Champion at CDCTA. And a very special shout-out to Alex Levering with former sale horse Frame Countdown, whose hard work and commitment over the winter is already showing results with a win in Elementary-A at MDHT. Great work Alex!

4/10: CDCTA Spring Horse Trials (Berryville, VA)

  • Martin with Faith Genkinger’s Nuclear Code: 1st in Open Novice-1 + TIP Novice Champion 

4/9-10: MDHT Starter Event (Adamstown, MD)

  • Martin with Danielle Ruderman’s CSS Falathiel: 1st in Beginner Novice-C (First horse trials!)
  • Martin with sale horse Kartel LJS: 1st in Beginner Novice-D (First horse trials!)
  • Martin with Ellen Marin’s WE Sergeant Reckless: 3rd in Beginner Novice-B (First horse trials!)
  • Joe with Kate Simmeth’s Saving Grace: 7th in Beginner Novice-B (First horse trials!)
  • Ella Genkinger with Soup of the Day: 6th in Jr. Beginner Novice-A
  • Claire Kelley with Dr. Mac: 7th in Beginner Novice-A (Mac’s first horse trials!)
  • Alex Levering with former sale horse Frame Countdown: 1st in Elementary-A 
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