MDHT & Swan Lake Results

MDHT & Swan Lake Results

Great job this weekend everyone braved some weather and got out and had a great time and some great results! Thanks for the photos Ella and Faith, and thank you Caroline for also sending this fantastic photo of Frame alumni Beall Spring Seahawk after we included then in our results last week.

3/25-26: MDHT Starter Horse Trials (Adamstown, MD)

Joe with Upper Crown (for sale!): 9th in Novice-C

Ella Genkinger with Soup of the Day: 1st in Jr. Novice
Faith Genkinger with Nuclear Code: 8th in Training-A
Alex Levering with TFSH graduate Frame Countdown: 1st in Beginner Novice-A
Lindsey Morris with Lucky Charm: 1st in Beginner Novice-C
Silvio Pappalardo with Pure Biz: 6th in Novice-A

3/24-26: Swan Lake Winter Finale (Littlestown, PA)

Joe with …

Allora NBF (owned by Cynthia Spooner): 1st in 1.0m Jumpers + 1st in 1.05m Jumpers
Frame Severine (owned by TFSH): 3rd & 3rd in 1.0m Take2 Jumpers
Popularist Tap RVF (owned by Lindsey Morris): 2nd & 2nd in 1.0m Take2 TB Jumpers

Jeri with …

Le Goff (for sale!): 1st in 0.80m Jumper Stakes + 3rd in 0.90m Jumper Stakes
The Little Prince (owned by Nancy Quaranto): 2nd in 1.0m Jumpers + 3rd in 1.05m Jumpers

Photos Erin Gilmore & team; Liz Crawley

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