Welcome Custom Saddlery!

Welcome Custom Saddlery!

Photo courtesy Anna Purdy.

We are so thrilled to be teaming up with Custom Saddlery for our dressage saddles! These fully custom saddles are made to you and your horse’s measurements. You can either have one of their trained saddle fitters come out to your barn to measure and conduct a personalized saddle fitting, or you can request a fit kit and have your saddle fitter through on of their saddle shops. Either way, your purchase includes their exclusive Ten (10) Day Trial Period.


Since receiving his new dressage saddle, Frame Shamrock has WON both of his events with significantly lower dressage scores. As you can imagine, Martin is beyond thrilled to be working with Charlene Blundell to fit the rest of the horses in the barn. Not in Virginia, just click HERE to find a Custom Saddlery fitter in your area.

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